Airports and Train Transfers

Arriving in the UK for the first time as an International Students

When you arrive in the UK for the first time, it almost certain that you get confused with transportation around. If you are planning your travel to any of the cities in the country, ensure to organise your transfer from the airport or train station to your destination before you leave. Check to see what forms of public transportation will be available to you when you arrive. Do not leave it until the last minute; you may end up with limited and very expensive options. Most airports and train stations have excellent connections with public transport, so even if it is far from your destination, it is still possible to get there.

However, taking the Tube or the train is not an option when you are trying to get to your destination especially late at night or early in the morning. You could choose to book an Uber taxi, Addison Lee, or a Black-Cab to pick you up at the airport. You will be charged a flat rate, plus parking fees and any waiting time. If you are travelling in a group, check to see how many cabs will be necessary and certainly, the cost that will follow subsequently will be quite extortionate. In the end if you choose for a local Mini-Cab, be sure to let the Mini-Cab operator know if your flight is running late.

Avoid the hassle of all transfers and book a transfer with us by using our 24-hour service to all destination across the country. Your own personal chauffeur will meet you at the airport or train station before driving you straight to your destination of choice.

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