Interning Abroad

We guarantee to find you a placement in a career field of your choice abroad. International internships and placements abroad give UK students the opportunity to further their personal and professional development in dynamic international setting.

The opportunity is limitless in terms of gaining industry exposure across the world. Gaining an international work experience abroad boost your global employability whilst spending time traveling the world.

Our placements are set up for you to choose among the many international options that best align with your future career development and employability in start-ups, medium sizes as well multinational corporations.

Benefits of Interning Abroad

  • You develop a global network
  • Increases your chances in a competitive job market
  • Gain International work ethics experience
  • It makes your resume stand out
  • It improves your language skills
  • It gives you unique and multicultural experience
  • You gain academic credits

What’s in an Interning Abroad Service package?

  • Guaranteed placements (Reviewing, matching up your CV and interview)
  • Working Visa processing and pre-departure service
  • Career bridge (What professional backgrounds are in place for the students)
  • Decent affordable and comfortable Accommodation (including personal bedroom)
  • Insurance (negotiable)
  • Networking events (either social or business workshops)
  • 24/7 hours local support
  • Assisting with transfers (Optional)
  • Language classes (Optional)
  • Receiving a certificate on completion of your internship/placement programme