Students and Graduates

Terms and Conditions for Students and Graduates

In these terms and condition the following apply

  1. Definitions and Interpretation

“The Internship Agency” Internships Garage Limited, trading as or carrying on business as an Internship (Placement) agency Office 7, 35/37 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JN, United Kingdom

“Candidate” shall mean any applicant (Student or Intern) for a Position with the Company;

“The Client” trading as a company or a corporate body together with any subsidiary as defined by the Companies act 1985 to which the candidate is introduced;

“The Landlord” a person or organization that owns a building or an area of land and is paid by other people (Tenant) for the use of it

“Tenant” a person or group that rents and occupies a space, land, house, an office, or the like, from another (Landlord) for a period of time; lessee

“Deposit” a sum payable as a first instalment or give as security for a contract, with the aim of the balance being payable later

“Administration Fee” a fee charged to cover administrative costs incurred during a registration, transaction, etc

“Accommodation” a room, group of rooms, or building in which someone may live or stay

“Documentation” means all required documents necessary to follow any of Internships Garage’s programmes

“Position” shall mean the role for which the Candidate is being Presented based on the Requirements set out in clause Internships Garage 2 of this Recruitment Strategy Agreement

The term “Programme” refers to adverts published by us, using information found on our official websites or on press releases. Unless these jobs can be found on other than in our ‘Job Search page’, means, the other party manages them.

“Services” means all or any service provided by us through the Web Site.

“Sign on or Booking” shall mean the execution of an internship or consultancy agreement between Internships Garage and participant. Additionally, with the Company irrespective of its conditions;

“We”, “us”, etc. means Internships Garage Ltd. Where the context permits it also includes any business company or individual who shares an interest in the sale of any goods or service promoted on the Web Site. Without limitation, it includes any subsidiary or associated company of ours, together with any licensor, affiliate, or network partner.

“You”, “yours”, etc. means the user, a person who visits our site.

“Fees” shall mean the fees set out in Clause 4 of this Recruitment Strategy Agreement;

“Web Site” means our web site, and includes all web pages controlled by us.

  • Scope of Agreement

2.1 The candidate certifies that all information given in the Application Form is correct and acknowledges that any false information given will lead to immediate termination from the service without notice and that no refunds will be given back to candidate. It constitutes a breach of contract by the candidate, if your profile or any message:

  1. contains sexually suggestive language;
  2. contains offensive, potentially offensive, threatening or abusive remarks, or remarks which are in any way unfriendly, even if these are in response to unfriendly language or behaviour;
  3. contains a reference to an illegal practice such as drug-taking;
  4. contains potentially libellous or unlawful remarks;
  5. contains dishonest statements;
  6. contains pointers to an external web site or e-mail address or phone number or other personally identifiable information;
  7. is written in CAPITAL LETTERS;
  8. makes incorrect or negative comments about our staff or service, or which may discourage other members from using the service;


  • The candidate must approve and confirm with Internships Garage their emergency contact and next of kin details upon arrival.


  • For programmes where fees apply the candidate agrees to pay all fees, as published, in accordance with Internships Garage and its affiliates’ requirements.


  • The candidate is required to submit all necessary requested documentation on time. Internships Garage cannot be held responsible if there is any delay or additional cost caused by the candidate’s failure to do so.


  • Duties and Responsibilities
    • It is the candidate’s duty and responsibility to ensure that he/she has a valid passport and obtains all appropriate documentation for entry into the United Kingdom and following the programme. Internships Garage and its partners do not accept any liability for financial loss incurred by failure to have the correct travel documentation or whatsoever


  • Cancellation
    • Internships Garage and its partners have the full right to refuse or dismiss any applicant who does not meet the programme requirements.


  • That if the candidate decides to cancel his/her enrolment right after the confirmation invoice has been issued that loss of fees or extra charges may apply in such cases.

If a cancellation is made:

  • More than 14 working days prior to placement start date: 20% of the net invoice value plus a £50.00 administration fee.
  • Less than 14 working days prior to placement start date, where there is no life and death situation, means you are non-refundable


  • Adjustments or Changes

5.1 Internships Garage and its partners reserve the right to do or make any adjustment. We have no liability for any delay or failure in performance of our obligations to the Client where this arises from matters outside our reasonable control. Also, we deserve the right to change prices due to tax increases, governmental actions or other events beyond our control. We may change these terms from time to time. The terms that apply to you are those posted here on our web site on the day you use the website. When you subscribe as a Member, the terms that apply are those posted here on the day you subscribe. It may be useful for you to print a copy now.


  • Placement positions are not guaranteed and that they depend on the candidate’s background. That only one placement per application fee will be provided by Internships Garage.


  • Leave and Dismissal
    • If the candidate has to leave or is dismissed from a placement (due to misconduct), no refund of placement fees will be given regardless; depending on the situations Internships Garage, at its discretion may seek to find the intern a new placement and extra placement costs could potential be applied. In these type situations, the candidate will be fully responsible for their accommodation and travel costs.


  • That during the programme, the candidate is an ambassador to his/her country and in that case, every effort must be made by the candidate to be a good representative and that they understand any anti-social performance may lead to dismissal from the programme without reimbursement of any fees.


  • The candidate must abide by the laws of the United Kingdom as well as the rules and practices of the client establishment of operation. Failure to do so may result in termination of the participant’s programme with no refund of fees.


  • That based on language or cultural differences, the candidate cannot expect to command the same responsibilities that they may have had back home.


  • If for any reason a candidate has to leave their internship placement early, they must inform Internships Garage and its partners immediately. There will be no refund of fees in this aspect.


  • If a candidate begins their placement programme and decides it is not suitable for their requirements, no fees will be refundable, although, while not guaranteed, every effort will be made by Internships Garage and its partners to find an alternative establishment for the time available. Internships Garage will still not be held responsible for any additional costs, which may be incurred in any such scenario.


  • That on occasional basis, the placement provider may require candidate to carry out other reasonable duties other than those specified on the original placement description.



  • Costs and Risks

7.1 The candidate understands that all costs, travels before, during, and after the programme are at the candidate’s own risk and that operating any automobile, obtaining the necessary license, permission and insurance are the sole responsibility of the participant.


  • Internships Garage and its partners accept no liability or responsibility possible either for the candidate’s health & safety; or for any loss or damage to property; or any third party’s property or persons, howsoever or when caused. It is the candidate’s full responsibility to ensure they are fit to travel and to undertake any duties that they intend carrying out.


  • The candidate is required to be fully responsible to take out personal insurance, prior to entry to the United Kingdom covering all circumstances that could occur throughout their stay (including cancellation, medical and personal injury, death, third party risk, repatriation, loss of property). Refunds are not given in any of these situations.


  • The candidate has no right and must not be claiming any form of social benefit payments or services that are in conflict with the laws of their own country and the laws of the United Kingdom while on internship or work experience programmes in the United Kingdom.


  • Internships Garage shall not be held responsible for or deemed to be in default by reason of delays in or failure of performance of this agreement due to causes beyond its reasonable control and not being limited to civil war, war between nations, insurrections, strikes, riots, fires, floods, explosions, earthquakes, serious accidents, any act of government, governmental priorities, allocations, regulations, or orders affecting materials or facilities, acts of God or the public enemy, failure of transportation, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, or labour trouble causing cessation, slowdown or interruption of work and failure of suppliers and sub-contractors to furnish labour or materials within their contractual delivery times.


  • Accommodation
    • Accommodation is provided on a long and short terms basis. Internships Garage acts as a guarantor for students or interns to the landlords for a period of a month and further will only mediate between both parties in terms of tenancy agreements. Students or interns must ensure that they go according to the rules and regulations of the residence where they reside.


  • Offers of accommodation will be made via email and will have a confirmation deadline. To accept an offer, you will need to pay a booking fee of £100 which is non-refundable. This will hold your room on a temporary basis but we reserve the right to decline any booking for which payment has not been received 4 weeks before the date of arrival. Also, should we run out of availability, which almost never happened (In that case you get your refund back).


  • Internships Garage advised students and interns to do their booking at least a month earlier, just to be on the safest side. Upon doing that, will give time to landlords of all accommodations to prepare and deliver to your expectations. All students or interns are advised when making their bookings to indicate their special needs. This could be dietary in the case of home stay, allergies, believes, life style, etc.


  • A deposit of the first month is payable on acceptance of any offer of accommodation. This deposit is refunded to the student or intern after departure, if all financial commitments towards the tenancy agreement have been met. The deposit will be retained in the event of a student or intern departing the residence without the required notice or if any damage is found to have been done to the residence whilst occupied by the student or intern. Should part of the deposit be levied for any reason during the period, the student or intern is required to replace the charge incurred. Refunds will be by bank transfer or credit card refund only.


  • Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a completed application form and are only guaranteed when payment has been cleared through our bank. Payments must be made in full, 4 weeks prior to the arrival date. All communication and confirmations will be finalised before your travel. It is the duty of the student or intern to remain in contact with their host family few days/weeks before arrival after Internships Garage has made the connection between both parties.


  • Students or interns arriving at the accommodation on a day before the starting of the tenancy agreement, will be required to provide an alternative stay. Internships Garage will assist in finding short stay or hostel accommodation. The financial cost of such accommodation will be on the fully responsibility of the student or intern.


  • All Internships Garage’s arranged accommodations landlords are ethical, responsible and guaranteed of their services. In an event of any stolen, damage or loss of property whilst in one of Internships Garage’s arranged accommodations, Internships Garage must not be held responsible.


  • Homestay Bookings
    • For students or interns under the age of 18, must be under the supervision of a guardian/parent and they must choose Home Stay accommodation and this is being outsourced to a third party. All students or interns are advised when making their bookings to indicate their special needs. This could be dietary, allergies, believes, life style, etc.


  • Internships Garage reserves the right to change an accommodation at any time in the interest of both the student or of the host family. As the same goes to cancellation of accommodation booked if there are concerns about the guest’s behaviour. There will be no refunds made under these circumstances.


  • In situations where students or interns wish to go for holiday, all belongs must be removed from the residence to prevent being charged. Other than that, there will be charges for the occupied residence. Also, there will be no discounts or refunds for weekend breaks or staying away, including students leaving pre-booked accommodation early (discretionary refunds may apply under special circumstances).


  • Any complaint regarding a family must be made immediately and a complaint form must be completed. Complaints will be thoroughly investigated and any necessary action will be taken. Also, we work closely as an intermediary, where there is an impairment between guest and landlord for the first month, Internships Garage will find you a replacement if necessary.


  • Students or Interns are advised to ask permission before allowing visitors, using the host family home appliances, land line etc. Also, they must abide by the instruction of the host family, concerning the security of the house (keys, locks, alarms etc). If a guest loses key to the host family house, they must be prepared to pay for the replacement cost.


  • Residential

10.1 With all Internships Garage’s residential stays, students or intern’s privacy will be respected at all times and whenever practicable. If there is any visit by the Residential Services Manager, Warden, Director of Residential & Business Services, their deputies or duty personnel or housekeeping, 24 hours’ notice will be given.

10.2 Students or interns must ensure that they go according to the rules and regulations of the residence. Anything regarding prohibition must not be allowed or practiced in the residence. Here are some general rules and regulations; students or interns or their guests/visitors) must not bring illegal drugs into the residence or misuse drugs in any part of the premises or property.

10.3 Furthermore, they should not cause other occupants of the residences or any other person any injury, disturbance, disruption, distress, annoyance, nuisance, harassment, inconvenience, or damage to the residence. Any antisocial behaviour and actions adversely affecting others resulting from such consumption, or where such consumption is considered an aggravating factor, will result in disciplinary action by the Residential Services Manager (eviction), in addition to any legal consequences. Also, there will be no refunds made under these circumstances.


11 Flat Sharing

11.1 When sharing a flat with one or more people, it is the responsibility of the student or intern to fully understand and be considerate towards other occupiers of the flat. student or intern is expected not to change the supplier or provider of any of the services to the flat without the written consent of the Landlord (which will not be withheld or delayed unreasonably) They are also expected not to make any alteration or addition to or do any redecoration or painting of the flat without the Landlord’s prior written consent (consent not to be withheld or delayed unreasonably).


  • This further emphasises on keeping the contents of the flat (whether itemised on the inventory or not) and the interior of the resident in a good and clean state and condition and not damage or injure the resident or its contents (fair wear and tear excepted). For the avoidance of doubt, it is specifically agreed that the student or intern will be responsible for all and any damage (excluding fair wear and tear) caused by any persons permitted by the student or intern to sleep in, reside at or visit the flat.


  • And in the end, take reasonable care to keep any common entrances, halls, stairways, lifts, passageways, and any other common parts clean and fit for by the student or interns and other occupiers and visitors to the flat.
  • Hostel

With hostels, students or interns needs to focus on the basics such as;

  • Hostel conduct
  • Check-in and out time
  • The use of the kitchen
  • On line booking


13 Students and Interns Right

13.1 All students or interns have the free will (right) to change their accommodations for any reason. However, this can only take place after the first month of your stay in the arranged accommodation. In the case of a Hostel accommodation, students or interns have the flexibility to change the following day or week if there are no further charges involved.


14 Fees, Payments, and Cancellations

14.1 Due to the different forex and currency exchange of countries, if there is any credit, debit card or bank charges applied to any financial transaction, the intern or their representative will be fully responsible to cover the cost of financial transfers. Also in situation where institution makes payments or sends money to the student or agent, the recipient will pay all bank charges in their country of origin.


15 Cancellation and Refunds

All cancellation notifications must be received during normal working hours between Monday to Friday between 09.0 0-17.30hrs

15.1 Cancellation before arrival:

In any case of cancellations before arrival, must be made in written at least 14 working days before the start of the internship or placement. Situation where more than 14 working days’ notice of cancellation is given; then the £50 admin fee will be taken in and you will be fully refunded. However, in situations less than 14 working days of cancellation notice, we will retain 20% of your fees, including the £50 admin fee any airport transfer fees had there been any of those bookings.


16 Cancellation after arrival: 

16.1 In a case of cancellation after arrival, where there is no life and death situation, means you are non-refundable.

In the case of non-or late arrival tuition fees are non-refundable.


17 Accommodation Cancellation

17.1 Homestay cancellation

Any notification of cancellation less than 14 days will lead to 1 week payment charge from your paid Homestay rent. Also, the £100 booking fee is non-refundable.

17.2 Residential and Hostel accommodation

There will be no refund given under any circumstances.


18.1 Transfers

18.1 In the case of non-or late arrival (more than 2 hours) at the airport, train station or coach station, where there is no life and death situation, means you are non-refundable.


19 Travel

19.1 There will be no refund possible under any circumstances after the city trip is booked.


20 Visas

20.1 Delaying or refusal of Visas, we will retain 20% of your fees, including the £50 admin fees and any airport transfer fees.

20.2 Please ensure to have your Visas ready before applying for any programme Internships Garage offers


21 Refunds

21.1 All refunds are made and may take up to 28 days to process.


22 Complaints

22.1 All complaints must be made on the appropriate Complaints Form and will be fully investigated by Internships Garage; that in all cases Internships Garage’s deliver their service.


23 Governing Law

23.1 That this Agreement and jurisdiction is governed by the laws of the United Kingdom, which, for international students, may be different from what you are accustomed to. You should make sure You read and understand these Terms & Conditions of our programmes before accepting any letter/online contract.