The Contract Research and Consultancy department at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) is pleased to welcome agronomy student, Ariel Marcel, to the team for three to six months training programme. Ariel is a French student studying Agronomy at University of Montpellier; a graduate engineering school in Agricultural and Food Sciences and Engineering.

Ariel has spent the majority of her internship working on the calf rearing enterprise at Leicester, in the UK, witnessing the three-month rearing period from start to finish. Throughout this time at the unit, Ariel has learnt how to use automatic milk feeders and trained the calves to use them; fed milk and concentrate to the calves; completed husbandry practices such as disease monitoring and recorded any treatments given. She has also played a role in data collection on the unit, completing weekly calf weighing alongside Project Manager, as well as accurately recording all antibiotic treatments as part of a trial that is currently being run there. Ariel has also completed an economic model for the calf rearing unit at Leicester.
The project’s aim is to ensure that there is sustainability within the farming industry, though Brexit has brought uncertainty. The taking an unwanted product of the dairy industry (bull calves) and rearing them are still well-organized. The project offers an exciting internship opportunity with many different skills required including practical agriculture, data collection and of course economics.

Ariel will be returning to her studies in France in the summer to specialise in agricultural economy, food resources and markets. The Contract Research and Consultancy Department have been extremely grateful for Ariel’s hard work and wish her the best of luck in her studies and future career.

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