Having people thinking highly of you can create a huge impact on your career. You only have one shot to make that very first impression when you start an internship or a new job. First impressions often turn into long-term perceptions so putting the right foot forward on your first day at work can have long-lasting benefits in your career. Therefore, presenting yourself to your intern manager and co-workers that you will be a valuable player to the team by putting up good manners.


  1. Attitude

Having a great attitude is a way to make a solid first impression with anyone in your new team as well as the organization. A great attitude can demonstrate your maturity while engaging with your new co-workers.

Give a well-mannered greeting.

Be polite to others is a great way to begin conversations with your new colleagues.

Be on time to work and for meetings.

When speaking say please and thank you when appropriate.

Do not tell silly jokes or make unsuitable comments.

Hold open doors for people and by doing that you may realize that you are making friends already.



  1. Smile

A great smile is a very good impression at your new working environment. It makes people immediately feel ease and comfortable around you. According to science, smiling is beneficial for many health reasons. When you smile, you can relieve stress by helping to lower your heart rate, which in turn calms you down. If you have less stress, you’ll be more pleasant to be around, and you may even find your productivity rising.

Everyone has anxiety and feels stress from time to time, especially when you are an intern, you will need time to settle down in your new working environment. Smiling can trigger memories of happy times. It acts as a beacon to others, saying I’m in a good mood, I’m friendly and approachable, and I’m fun. So much the better if you’ve got some dazzling teeth to display when you flash that smile.


  1. Dress Smart

It’s best to begin your first day at your new work with a business attire appearance. Once you start to get to know the environment better, you can then able to relax on some facets of office attire and presentation, but until then, you will have to wait just to ensure that you are wearing the appropriate attire the company allows it, employees, to wear.

When dressed in a business attire appearance at your early first days at your new workplace, it demonstrates how well-mannered and professional you are and that creates a great impression to your intern manager and co-workers.


  1. Being Well Groomed

Another way of creating a great impression is to be hygienic. After your outfit and shoes are perfectly matched, you just need a completion of being well groomed. However, not being hygienic can have a dramatic effect on first impressions and there is absolutely no outfit that can compensate the unpleasant body odor. Being well groomed involves;

  • Getting a new haircut.
  • Trimming your nails and consider the type of nail polish to use, not inappropriate or unprofessional.
  • If you are wearing makeup, try to wear less makeup.
  • Get to the shower in the morning, fresh up and get yourself a nice fragrance before your first day in your new workplace.


  1. Knowledge About the Company

By having a full knowledge of the company’s operations, demonstrates automatically how well prepared and ready you are for the job. Before going to work or intern for any company, try to research that company and read about their business operations, policies, and cultural work ethics. Use Google and other search engines including the company’s website and search for recent stories about the company. Check out blogs and other press releases for any developing news.


  1. Take Initiative

On your first day at work after filling out all sorts of forms and meeting new people, you may find yourself doing not so much at the end of the day. Try not to let that happening. Take the initiative by asking other co-workers if you could help with things so you can learn about the job and get to know them more. Be proactive and complete tasks you know you will be asked to complete in the future. Also, be comfortable with the idea of doing things that you might find less interesting to do in the mere future at your placement.


  1. Listen Attentively

When listening actively to others, immediately demonstrates that you find what they are saying very valuable and important. You must focus your attention on the speaker and show to them that you are listening by nodding your head and giving them the non-verbal acknowledgment. Maintain an eye contact with the person speaking and not for too long. Try to repeat their points in your own words to show that you were actively listening, and you understood what was said. Listening actively is a constructive way to have a mutual understanding, good communication, as well as establishing a good working environment.


  1. Ask for Help

As an intern or new employee of a company, no one expects you to immediately get your head around all the elements of the workplace. They might be just to busy to realize that you need help. Don’t be shy or feel unease to ask someone to help you with things you don’t know. By doing that shows that you genuinely care about the work you are doing and most likely you might end up having a good working relationship with that person. It’s always advantageous to ask for help than doing something wrong. It saves you and your co-worker times by asking for more clarification.


  1. Body Language

One thing we tend not to realize and focus on at work is body language. It’s the undoubtedly unspoken element of communication that we use to reveal our true feelings and emotions. Positioning yourself inappropriately could send a wrong message to your co-worker or intern manager. Be aware of the way you speak, walk, stand, and position yourself. Avoid standing with your arms crossed, as it suggests is a defensive attitude for example.

Our postures, facial expressions, and gesture, again can help us understand the complete message someone is trying to say to us. At the same time, we can also use it to our advantage to adjust our own body language so that we appear more vivacious, engaging, approachable and positive.


  1. Turn your first impression into lasting one

After demonstrating yourself as the new valuable player on the team, it’s up to you to maintain the expectation you have established for yourself. Know how your performance will be measured and use that to think about what you need to prioritize and ensure to put them in practice. If you’re uncertain about anything or task, don’t be afraid to ask for any further help.


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