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Students and Graduates

With so many different career platforms, we offer students opportunities to expand and gain industry exposure across the UK. In today’s challenging global economy, gaining work experience in the UK helps build a stepping stone required for success in your career.

You will gain extensive experience that will enhance your career development and employability. Our internships are set up for you to choose among the many options that best align with your goals.

Benefits of doing

internship in the UK

  •  You develop a global network
  •  Gives you a substantial advantage in a competitive job market
  •  It improves your English language skills
  •  Add an International work ethic under your belt
  •  It makes your resume stand out
  •  You gain academic credit
  •  It gives you unique and multicultural experience

Our service to you includes:

  • Reviewing your CV and motivation letter
  • Matching up your CV to companies of your interests, sectors, and skills
  • Preparing and booking you for interviews either on Skype/telephone/face to face
  • Getting you a guaranteed internship/placement programme
  • Ensure that you are satisfied with your ongoing internship/placement
  • Receiving a certificate on completion of your internship/placement programme
  • Helping with affordable and comfortable accommodation if requested
  • Assisting with transfers and travel to your destination upon your arrival in the U.K if required


Career Development

Doing a professional internship in either a multinational corporation or start-up can further your career prospects in the future. Most important of all, this could lead to a full-time job offer. With the Career development programme, we help you find the top employers within the industries that are in line with your study or career path.

General Work Experience

Employers nowadays are increasingly looking for people with English working backgrounds. It is important for students to take the opportunity to improve their English fluency while doing their internships. Weather it is skilled jobs, retail management or other general internship programme, our service will make it possible for any entry-level position inside all sectors.

Summer Internships

Whichever sector or area you choose, we are sure you will find this a worthwhile investment of your time in the Summer. You will be surprised at the skills you develop and how much you will learn. Opportunity is at the heart of all our summer internships. You will work on client’s projects to give you the best insight into what you are aiming to gain on your summer Internship.


Discovering personal satisfaction through rewarding work that creates positive changes in the world is becoming more relevant within societies. Internship Garage is partnered with hundreds of voluntary organisations and charities across UK. Our service helps students from Europe and other parts of the world to experience life-changing adventures while providing invaluable assistance to the most needed.

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F.A.Q Students

Why should I pay for your service and how much do you charge for your service?

We understand the importance of finance as a student when studying abroad, especially in the UK where housing prices are always high. Therefore, with our service, we help find you the internship that provides you with financial sustainability while doing your internship in the UK. We are fully committed from start to finish helping you find the internship that matches your skills.

Prices Table:

Administration fee £50


3-12 weeks’ internships £200
12-24 weeks’ internships £250
24-48 weeks’ internships £300


voluntary £200

Am I qualified to participate?

If you are a student, undergraduate or graduate and you are an EEA-EU citizen or have a UK student visa you can participate.

When applying, is it mandatory to have a cover letter? If so, to whom should it be addressed?

If a position requires a cover letter, it will be specified in the internship description. We suggest that you attach a tailored cover letter with your CV just to describe your skills and convey your interest in the role you are applying for. We also suggest that you send a copy of your cover letter to our recruitment team

Will this internship lead to a permanent position?

There is no guarantee that the company will offer you a permanent position after your internship. In most cases, our interns do secure permanent positions at the end of their internships. Internship Garage recruitment team works also together with sister’s company Talent Variation which offers permanent positions as your internship draws to a close.

Can you provide me with more information about the placement provider?

All information necessary about the organization is on the website. No one can approach our clients unannounced to us. We will only give you further details of the company when you are shortlisted/successful for an interview with them. Except for companies that want to be contacted directly, whose profiles and contact details are easily found on the job’s listing.

Notice! Do not try to contact our clients directly yourself or try to filter any details about them. As this will result in total removal of all your applications from all our programmes including any other stand by application. Our clients outsourced their internship recruitment to us. Therefore, going against this will be a breach to our services.

When is the dead-line?

There is no dead-line for internships excluding those that start in the beginning or end of the year. If you wish to start your internship in the summer period (June, July, August or September), we suggest you apply three months before start date. The same goes for those hoping to start in the winter period (November, December, January or February).

What is not part of the fee?

Accommodation, flight, local transportation (buses, metros, taxis, DLRs), transfers, visas and their costs, daily food, medical insurance, laundry service, excursions and telephone service.

When to make payment and how does the application process go?

We work on No Cure No Pay basis. Means, if we cannot place you, we will not ask for payment unless we have results for you.

After you have applied, there will be a telephone or Skype interview with our staff. They will go through all necessary questions with the student. These questions will revolve around your background, experience, motivations, and documentation. We will then discuss the opportunities available within your chosen career sector.

If everything goes successful and an interview is scheduled, we will then require a 10% deposit of the fee including £50 admin fee. This deposit and £50 admin fee will be fully refunded if you are unsuccessful for the placement. The deposit is to ensure we are dealing with an applicant that is certain about their placement. Paying the deposit and signing the Program Agreement means agreeing to our terms & conditions.

After this stage, then you will be guided and prepared for an interview with the company. Once the host company decides to take you on board, the full amount of our service must be paid within three weeks. You will then receive your training agreement signed by the host company, this whole process will be communicated via email.

For general internship programmes, you do not necessarily need to go through the procedure as advised above. For more information, please contact

If I am unsuccessful for an internship, can I apply again?

Yes. There is obviously no limit to the number of internships you can apply for, although we recommend that you tailor your application for every opportunity you apply for. If you have not been successful for numerous internships, we recommend speaking to our recruitment team at

Are all internships paid? If so, how much?

Yes, all internships are paid except voluntary positions. It’s all depends on what the company is willing to offer for the position. This payment will not be called a salary, which means no tax or National Insurance (NI) number deductions will be made to it.

Do I need a visa?

If you are not a member of the European Union (EEA-EU citizen), you do need a UK student Visa. Please see link

Notice! All Non-EEA-EU citizens must obtain a valid UK working visa through the British government to work or do internships in the UK. Internship Garage is unable to assist you (Non-EEA-EU citizens) in obtaining a visa. This is one of our first requirements when applying for an internship programme. It is mandatory for non-EEA-EU citizens to verify if you have obtained your work permits to do internships in the UK. For more information on obtaining a work visa and how to apply, visit work UK guide (the UK border agency) or contact your university or institution.

If you are an EEA-EU citizen, you can travel to the UK with your ID card. Though, we recommend bringing your passport, makes things a lot easier. EEA-EU citizen do not need a work permit to work or do internships in the UK.

Do you provide accommodations?

Yes, we provide accommodations. Please see link