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As an internship recruitment expert, we know how important and effectively we can drive your costs down by recruiting the intern with the right skills for your business. Our innovative workforce solutions support your business to nurture future talents and make you realise the benefits of recruiting an intern. We help thousands of businesses from all sizes; small, medium, large, NGOs to multinational corporations across the UK and abroad, recruiting the interns that will help maximise their businesses.

Benefits of recruiting an intern

  • They are cost effective
  • They add value to your business
  • They bring fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and new ideas
  • You get the opportunity of nurturing future talent
  • They help with projects or tasks that you’re struggling to complete
  • They help you gain brand advocacy

How would we recruit for you?


Career Development

Whatever your requirements are we will match your role to the perfect student. We have the reputation of doing the hard work for our clients.

  • We match your placement description with the student
  • You receive a shortlist of relevant students
  • We engage and set them up for an interview with you
  • We prepare candidate for a start date in your organisation
  • We sort out all necessary administration and paperwork for you including references
  • We can advise if necessary on culture diversity or management

General Work Experience

Whether you’re looking to expand your retail chain or improve efficiency as a local small business, our services will help you find a young and enthusiastic candidate that will help drive the productivity and profitability of your local business.

Summer Internship

If you are in search of an intern for your business in the summer, Internship Garage is the perfect solution. Our service can provide you with the student that has the right skills for the existing role in your organisation. We’re an exciting placement company with the goal of connecting employers with talented and ambitious students and newly graduates.


As for a voluntary organisation, we understand what it means to be extremely cost effective when running your business. Our service will provide you students that are dedicated and willing to go the extra mile to help you attain your goals.

Placement scheme

We are fully committed to helping you recognise the values of recruiting an intern with us. Our placement scheme gives you the opportunity to nurture your own future talent. We follow up on a regular basis with you and the intern to ensure that expectations are met.

Become a Partner

You get access to world-class students, undergraduates and graduates with fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, and new ideas from different parts of the world. A member of our team will contact you to discuss your companies' requirements.

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F.A.Q Employer

What sort of candidates do you place in companies?

We place students, undergraduates, and graduates.

Can I employ your interns on a short term as well as permanent basis?

Yes, we have all different types of internships and placements lengths through the year. Our service offers internships between the periods of four weeks to twelve months.

We are more than delighted to have our candidates placed on a permanent position at the end of their internships. This shows how satisfied our clients are about our service.

How long does it take to make a placement?

Normally, it takes three-four weeks. This can vary depending on the student’s status. This includes preparation regarding; university or institution criteria, finance, accommodation, travel, visas for some cases, families etc.

How can I speak to your recruitment team?

You can contact us by sending an email to or call UK: +44 (0) 020 3031 6853.

Why should I pay the intern?

Not all interns are paid, and it depends on which country and continent. But for UK-EU countries, all interns carrying an assignment under any establishment within these zones except voluntaries must be consider a worker and needs to be paid. It is up to the employer to choose what amount they are willing to offer to the intern for the position. Read further this UK link on internships.

Can I employ your interns on an ongoing basis?

Yes, we can recruit our interns to fill in positions before the other intern leaves. We have the overlapping system, which means the new intern takes over from the current intern. If also required, we could ask the current intern to train the incoming intern so that you could have a continuous work flow.

What industries do you recruit for?

We recruit basically from all industries: Accountancy & Finance, Architecture, Art, Photography & Design, Banking, Business managements, Consulting, customer service, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Government & Public services, Health, Hospitality, Events & Tourism, HR & Talent Management, Information Technology, Journalism, Media & Publishing, Law, Marketing, Marketing Research, music, Medical Electives & Public Health, NGOs & Non-Profits, Politics, PR, Real Estate, Research & Development, Sales, Science, Technique, Theatre, Television & Film and many more.