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Internship Garage is known for its leading International student placement programmes in the UK and abroad. Our aim to create opportunities for students and graduates can only be achieved by partnering with others. Partnering with us helps us deliver our service more effectively, as we are always on the lookout for partners to collaborate with. Our service relies on strong collaboration with Colleges and Universities in enabling students to achieve their goals.

Since our establishment, we have had a diverse cross section of students coming from different colleges and universities across Europe, America and Asia. With more than 30 different languages spoken and attendees of over 250 colleges and universities, partnership to us means trust, combined and increased impact, innovation and influence and leveraging our global network. Partner with us today and let your students gain valuable work experience.

Benefits for the Institution

• Help your college/university reach their internationalization goals
• Strengthen your partnerships with the university exchange partners and create study plus internship programs
• Enhance the educational experience you offer to students by preparing them for the global workforce via experiential education opportunities
• Attract the top globally minded students to attend your college/university
• Students and institution faculty have real-world examples to include in classroom discussions
• Enhance students’ international opportunities on the European job market
• Brand your college/university by displaying its logo and get global recognition for free

For any college or university seeking to partner with us please contact:

Alusine Kamara
Head of Global Partnership
UK: +44 (0) 020 3031 6853

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F.A.Q Colleges / Universities

What type of internships do you offer?

We offer short and long-term internships from all sectors, including volunteering. Short-term internships vary between four to twelve weeks. Long term internships range from twelve plus weeks to a year.

Is everything included in the programme fee?

The fee is only for the internship programme. Any other extra is an additional fee.

What type of accommodations do you provide for our students?

We provide home stays, flat share, residential homes, and hostels. Please see link

When to make payment and how does the application process go?

We work on No Cure No Pay basis. Means, if we cannot place the student, we will not ask for payment unless we have results for them.

After they have applied, there will be a telephone or Skype interview with our staff. They will go through all necessary questions with the student. These questions will revolve around their background, experience, motivations, and documentations. We will then discuss the opportunities available within their chosen career sector.

If everything goes successful and an interview is scheduled, we will then require a 10% deposit of the fee including £50 admin fee. This deposit and £50 admin fee will be fully refunded if the student is unsuccessful for the placement. The deposit is to ensure we are dealing with an applicant that is certain about their placement. Paying the deposit and signing the Program Agreement means agreeing to our terms & conditions.

After this stage, the student will be guided and prepared for an interview with the company. Once the host company decides to take them on board, the full amount of our service must be paid within three weeks. They will then receive their training agreement signed by the host company, this whole process will be communicated via email.

Are the internships paid? If so, how much?

Yes, all internships are paid except voluntary positions. It’s all depends on what the company is willing to offer for the position. This payment will not be called a salary, which means no tax or National Insurance (NI) number deductions will be made to it.

What is not part of the programme fee?

Accommodation, flight, local transportation (buses, metros, taxis, DLRs), transfers, visas and their costs, daily food, medical insurance, laundry service, excursions and telephone service.

When is the dead-line?

There is no dead-line for internships excluding those that start in the beginning or end of the year. If a student wishes to start their internship in the summer period (June, July, August or September), we suggest they apply three months before start date. The same goes for those hoping to start in the winter period (November, December, January or February).

Which nationalities can participate?

Everyone who has a EEA-EU passport or has a UK student visa can participate.