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The young and professional team has impressed me from the get go that I have been referred. I can say I'm in a good place at the moment and I'm enjoying every bit of it here in Liverpool. I'm pleased to say I can recommend Internship Garage to all my friends in a flash.


I'm really enjoying my 8 weeks internship within the company. The environment is chilled, and the people are friendly and helpful. I don't get pushed to do something that is out of my study area, like typical internship, interns do all the Ad Hoc jobs for the company. I'm very glad and thanks to Internship Garage to find me this opportunity. I'll recommend them to all college (M.B.O) students from Holland.

GiovanniDen Haag (Holland)

My experience with Internship Garage is terrific! I'm quite meticulous and a detailed person. Some of the questions that I needed more clarity on from the F.A. Qs were answered eloquently before I proceeded with their placement programme. Now I can say I'm banking wealth knowledge on the financial market here in London. Thanks to them for the opportunity anyway. I'm very thankful and pleased to recommend them to any student who is looking for their dream internship/placement in the U.K.

ScarletNew York

I like the fact that I have been granted a job in my placement and I can develop within any team in the organisation very quickly. There is also an opportunity to transfer to another country which sounds very exciting. Thanks to Internship Garage for that. I can recommend their fantastic internship programmes to anyone looking for internship in the UK.

FaddyBerlin, Germany

Getting the right accommodation facility closed to the place of doing my internship was a great concern for me coming to London. But with Internship Garage, everything went smoothly and quickly with the whole process. They were able to match me up with an amazing family where I can be myself and live just as normal as back home. I'm profoundly grateful for their service.


In no time they helped me get my internship. I submitted my CV on their webpage over the weekend, on the Monday I get contacted by their recruitment team and on Friday I landed my desired internship. What a remarkable journey on how fast it went. I'd recommend Internship Garage to all my friends and fellow students from my university.


I am very glad about my internship. All tasks and duties came up to my expectations. I don't think this would have been possible without the help of Internship Garage. I managed my placement company's existence and made it grow through social media. Overall, I would highly recommend Internship Garage to all the students looking for internship in the UK.


I like my internship, It's very interesting and quite challenging. It was basically exactly what I was looking for as a Mandarine speaker. I can recommend Internship Garage to all Chinese students looking for internship here in the UK.

Ling FaiMain Land China

I wanted to thank Internship Garage for this opportunity. It's been an amazing experience from both personal and professional point of view. I'm going back with more knowledge on digital marketing, but most of all with memories and unforgettable encounters here in the UK. With no doubt, I'd recommend Internship Garage to any intern with a low budget. This includes affordable and comfortable accommodation.


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